WinSpy WinSpy is a very useful utility that is used to analyze what people are doing on a computer. It aggregates data that reports what U R L s have been visited and the addresses in the address bar. It displays the cookies on the machine and reports what documents have recently been opened.

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Make sure that C l e a r d o c u m e n t h i s t o r y o n exit is checked under the "Explorer" settings and that both M a i n t a i n d o c u m e n t h i s t o r y and M a i n t a i n n e t w o r k h i s t o r y are unchecked. See Figure 11/7 for an example of suggested configuration options.


Figure 7/6 shows the U R L History tab. This window displays the title of the visited U R L s and the Web pages' tides. For example, there was a Google search for anorexia. This information could be cause for concern, especially when c o m bined with the Anorexia Nervosa page.

Financial Security Money issues are another one of the top reasons that marriages face problems. Financial security and arguments about money have driven many marriages to the divorce court. Since a couple's finances are hnked, if one spouse is hiding significant financial activity from the other, this is cause for concern. There are many ways to lose fiscal responsibility while using one's computer. These range from responding to spam advertisements for money laundering scams, sports gambling, online gambling, excessive purchases, and Internet sex rooms. All of these activities can cause a financial hardship upon the relationship. Spouses have the right to know how their money is being used, and if their credit is being ruined by the actions of their spouse. It is not unheard of for a mahcious spouse to deliberately ruin the couple's finances by spending all of the cash, and maxing out credit cards before leaving the relationship. In addition personal finance software, often with detailed financial records, is stored on most family computers. This software may hold financial clues about your spouse's wrongdoings.


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Robbie began to save money and began his preparations while keeping Beth in the dark. He even began to ask out coworkers and other w o m e n on dates, despite still being married. Robbie for all intents and purposes was single, despite not telling Beth. Robbie was going to leave the marriage when he was ready, and not before then. Eventually, Beth began to get suspicious of Robbie's activities. Although nobody had told her what was going on, her suspicions began to grow as Robbie became more distant. After she confronted him with her suspicions, and they had several long talks in an effort to get the marriage back on track. However, Robbie's efforts did not match Beth's, and her suspicions grew to where she felt she had to take action. Robbie spent more and more time at work, and when he was home, spent an excessive amount of time on the Internet. Despite her continuous questioning, Robbie never came clean about his actions.

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N o w it is time to start the A R P poisoning. First, select the A P R tab at the bottom left of the window. This will bring up the APt( interface (see Figure 10/8).


Verify that you have correctly set your explorer window to show hidden files by selecting Tools [ Folder Options [ View. Make sure that "Show hidden files and folders" is checked and that "Hide protected operating systems files (Recommended)" is not checked, and then use explorer to browse to the iPod mounted on the computer (probably the "F:" drive). Music can then be copied into folders from iPod_Controls I Music I FO0.

Becoming a good cyber=spy requires plenty of knowledge and lots of practice. Everything we have taught up until now is just a launching pad. We encourage everyone to keep learning about new technology and how it plays a role in your everyday interactions. As more technologies become part of our lives, we open up doors to both newfound utility from the technology, and privacy implications as these new technologies are subverted to become useful spy tools.


Internet Explorer is the most popular Web browser, and as a result, it is the first place you should look for clues as to what a person is doing online. N o w you know where to find a person's history, his or her bookmarks, and the location of the cookies and cache from both the browser (Chapter 6) and the file system.

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Setting Up Logging with Trillian Trillian, like its counterpart Gaim, can log all of the messages and chats for all of the messaging protocols. To set up the Trillian logging, first start the program. Next, bring up the menu window which is done by clicking on the green globe at the base of the Trillian window. From this menu, select P r e f e r e n c e s and the Message History tab. This will allow you to select what is logged to a file and where that file is to be stored.


Advanced Techniques • Chapter 10 button sets up the parameters. Because 192/168/1.1 is the gateway for our network, spoofing this connection will redirect all Internet activity from 192/168/1.107 to our machine (see Figure 10/10). At the moment it is idle, so the network is functioning normally.

Lock it and protect Protect folder from being opened, moved, delete; Encrypt Files. Allows you to archive your changes if you. Users are unable to terminate Win Spy. This program has much improved options with remote installation facility that is out there with full version. AutoItX – DLL/COM control. Ardamax keyloger is very simple to use. CD/DVD Rippers ===== AudioCrusher v1.3 Beta 3. Actual Keylogger runs hidden in the background and automatically logs all keystrokes.


The Ethereal GUI shows all of the captured packets. As shown in Figure 5/34, the GUI is split into three sections: the top section displays all of the captured packets, the middle section displays a single packet's protocol information, and the last section allows the user to examine a raw packet. To select which packet to examine, you simply highlight it in the top section. As you will notice, this causes the highlighted packet to be displayed in the middle and bottom sections as well. Selecting different sections of the packet field descriptions in the middle display causes Ethereal to expand those areas and show additional information about the packet. This also allows you to select which sections of the raw packet you wish to analyze in the bottom display.

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Keyl Actual Keylogger Actual Keylogger is a program that monitors the activity on your computer so you can discover what other users are doing on your computer when you are not present. Every cell phone contains both a unique electronic serial number (ESN) and a mobile identification number (MIN). Plurk by coapatytventsu - 8 response(s). This installer has intuitive wizard which guides you through series of steps in completion of installation. The scanning process will only take about two seconds and tell you how to uninstall the invasive threat using simple step-by-step instructions or put you in contact with the vendor for the most up-to. Shutting down your computer does not clear your tracks, far from it. @WinSpy. Windows spy keylogger free download - Revealer Keylogger Free, Free Keylogger Platinum, Keylogger Detector, and many more programs. Download BobCAD-CAM V26 Full Cracked ProgramsSoftware Crack, Cracked, Cracks, Serial, Key, Activation, Latest Version for PC, Mac and Linux Download the full.

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Sharing Drives If you are not sure that you want to risk the chance o f installing remote access tools on your target's computer, you can always take less perilous steps first. O n e option is to enable sharing o f a portion o f the hard drive that you want to be able to access remotely. Sharing files or folders across an unprotected network is a security risk.


Tracks Eraser Pro's other great. Windows to allow a higher number of TCP connections. Fight malware and protect your privacy with security software for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. The Keytrap Application invisible keylogger 2.1; The Kids Puzzle 1.0; The Kinemorphic 3D Screen Saver 2020.0522; The King 2.5; The Koran 7.50; The Koran 7.00; The Land that Time Forgot 1.0; The League System 4; The League System Pro 1; The League System Standard 1; The Letterhead Kit-32 7.2; The Lord of the Rings: The One Ring 3D Screensaver 1. Realtime-Spy: Monitor Any Remote Computer. WinSpy (https://handworktime.ru/free/?key=9642)++ (sometimes referred to as WinSpy) was added by Jader in Mar and the latest update was made in Apr The list of alternatives was updated Dec There is a history of all activites on WinSpy++ in our Activity Log. Currently it is Friday, November 13, 2020, 9: 12 PM (GMT +1) There are a total of 61, 836 posts in 13, 652 threads. The price of full version is quite seventy US$.

In addition to being well hidden, this folder contains cached Web pages and images from Internet Explorer, and it is not automatically cleared out when you clear Internet Explorer's cache. Therefore, if you are clearing out the cache, do not forget to manually browse there (you have to enter the path in the address bar) and delete all of the files.


Encrypting E-mail There are several encryption possibilities when it comes to e-mail, but the option that we feel is best suited for the casual home user is PGP freeware 6/5.8. In addition to providing the disk-wiping utilities discussed previously, PGP freeware 6/5.8 also provides a robust mechanism for securely sending e-mail that is easy to use. As we will demonstrate, this integrates easily into several e-mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

The reader now must decide what boundaries they are willing to cross in order to determine what is happening with the other person, and therein hes the ethical dilemma. Normal boundaries may not be sufficient; the information that is hidden may require extreme measures to ascertain. N o b o d y enjoys (well, a few people do) spying on their loved one, but they must determine if spying is better than the alternative. Each person will have to decide what steps will violate his or her code of ethics. W h e n it comes to violating someone's privacy for a personal or greater good, there is never an easy answer. Some people will have no problems doing this, while others will wrestle with the question. Once a person has decided what they deem is the clear line in the gray area, they can begin to spy.


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If so, they are probably expecting important e-mail. Do they go to the same Personals site continually? Once again, this gives you more information about what a person is doing.

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Summary Being an excellent cyber spy means knowing how to observe others in a manner that cannot be detected. In this chapter, we demonstrated ways to increase the degree of your stealth while increasing your ability to maintain your own personal privacy. While there are many points that you should take away from this, the biggest key to ensuring privacy is to securely delete anything that you cannot afford not to lose; hide what you cannot delete at a location other than your computer, or encrypt what you cannot hide. Whenever possible limit your activity on a computer that you suspect may be monitored. Consider using business centers, hotels, or Internet caf6's for anonymous access. Wireless networks in restaurants and coffee shops help you avoid sniffer and router logs on your h o m e network; however, the evidence still resides on the laptop that you used. Consider using removable media with a good cover story to hide sensitive documents. USB drives that are also used for financial data backups or MP3 music players such as the Apple iPod, are great examples. N o t only are these devices an unlikely location for a spy to look, but they can be easily taken with you w h e n you leave. Virtual R A M drives and bootable C D - R O M s can be used for temporary activities.


In fact, Greg fit that bill to a tee. But Lorenzo was fun and cute, oh so cute. Would it really be wrong for her to see him again? Just to play around a little bit before she left the dating scene for good? By dinnertime, she decided to send Lorenzo an e-mail thanking him for the wonderful evening and asking him if he would like to have drinks again.

Ethics of Spying Perhaps the most diflficult decision in the entire process of determining what secrets a person is hiding is determining what steps and remedies are available. Despite hngering suspicions, until positive proof is estabhshed that a person is engaged in undesirable and unacceptable activities, the suspicious party could be unnecessarily jeopardizing the relationship. One of the first steps in finding malfeasance is to first determine what you are willing to do in order to uncover what your suspected target is doing. This is where your code of ethics will come in to play. Ethics are standards of conducts, that guide decisions and actions, based on duties derived from core values.


In this instance, we want to poison 192/168/1.107 (the target) and 192/168/1.1 (the gateway). By selecting 192/168/1.107 in the left window, the choices of other machines are displayed in the right window.

Unlike most of the other programs that we have installed, Snort does not create an icon or an entry in the Start menu. It must be started from the directory that it was installed into.


Finding that annoying, we tried using Mozilla Firefox on our captured Web pages and they displayed just fine. So, as you analyze different captured material, be sure to exhaust all possibilities for viewing it before you discard it as useless. At worst case, most Web pages can be opened up in Microsoft Word or even notepad.

Sites Visited Most browsers keep a history of the sites they have been to. A history can also be obtained from the network by recording all of the H T T P requests for different Uniform Resource Locators (URLs). Although seemingly useless by itself, a list of visited sites can help shine light on people's interests and happemngs.


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D u r i n g marriage both partner's assets and liabilities become the responsibility and property of the other. Since each person's actions directly influence the other person, each person has an obligation to be up-front and honest with his or her activities. If people are undertaking activities and hiding them from their spouses, that is a cause of concern. People have a right to know what is going on in their spouse's life, since it may affect them. It would be naive to think that there are no secrets between a couple, or that it is possible to know what the other person is doing at all hours. However, there is a degree of honesty and trust that must be maintained. Once this has been broken then it is very difficult to build it up again. That is not to say that at any sign of misdoing the spouse loses all rights to privacy, but to serve as a warning to what can happen if the decision to hide something from the spouse is taken. All of the trust can forever be lost from the relationship, even if nothing untold is happening. The decision to spy on a spouse should never be taken lightly.

Easy Stuff If hard drives are the closets of the computer world, the recycle bin is the closet in the attic where things get placed and later forgotten. Images, documents, and programs that are deleted get placed here and are stored in this folder until they are removed or restored. These files can easily be forgotten (see Figure 6/51).


Your key must be exported so that others can use it. This is done using the same PGPkeys program as in the last step. Right click on the entry that belongs to you and select E x p o r t (see Figure 11/11).

Next, you must select the H T T P Filter tab, where you select what type of files to save. In this case, you select everything. It is easier to disregard extra fries, than to miss something important that might have transpired. Once you have set the files, you are ready to run OWNS. Switching to the Stats tab gives you an easy way to see how much data is broken out. Select Start C a p t u r e to begin breaking out the files using OWNS. This may take some time, but the Stats tab will update everything. Once this has finished, you can examine the output of O W N S by going into the directory. Figure 7/11 shows that under address 192/168/245/129, which is our machine, O W N S has created several directories.


This tab displays all of the Web pages that have been visited. This information is very useful because the Web pages that were just accessed by clicking links from other pages will be displayed. This tab should be explored, because it offers some of the most complete information.

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What you don't know can come back to haunt you. Winspy Keylogger Full Version With Crack (https://handworktime.ru/free/?key=5904). After that, it reverts to a limited scanner. Download a copy of DDS by sUBs from one of the following locations: Link1; Link2; Link3 Double click the tool to run it. You can read the screen that appears, or not - the tool runs anyway. Win Spy Software Pro 15 0 Portable: Software. Use this tool to find out what is happening on your. Latest updated software, free download, new programs. Las actualizaciones de NOD32 son autom ticas, y no requieren ser descargadas manualmente por el usuario.


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Since the user may have multiple e-mail accounts and may try to hide accounts, the next step is to determine what exactly he or she is doing. There are two ways to do this: (1) sniff the network and analyze the traffic or (2) search the computer for evidence trails. Evidence trails might be in the history of the Internet browser (if they are using Web mail) or in a saved message on the hard drive. References to any Web mail services would be a clue. Another place to look at would be the c o m m o n e-mail applications; many of t h e m support multiple users.

Snort Snort is an open source Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that has many distinct uses. As an open source project, it benefits from having many people contributing to its evolution. As a result, it has b e c o m e a very powerful and effective IDS. O n e critical c o m p o n e n t of its intrusion detection capability is its ability to capture and store packets. It can also be run as a service, allowing it to collect packets from all users, which is especially useful on a multi-user W i n d o w s X P machine. As a service, Snort can run covertly in the background, making it difficult to detect.


Web Browsers We will now analyze some of the most popular Web browsers and many of the features they implement. Special attention is paid to the information that can be used for exploiting them and making them into effective means of collecting information from your target.

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The keylogger software keeps track of programs run or closed, websites visited and any keystrokes pressed, and can also record screenshots and content copied to the clipboard. An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon. E se meu filho quebrar o celular ou vender, o processo para monitorar o novo aparelho e o. Create (compress to) 7Z, Brotli, BZip2.


Removable Drives One of the easiest and least expensive removable drives is a portable Universal Serial Bus (USB) drive, which is a great place to store sensitive information. USB drives can be purchased for less than $50/00 at any retailer that sells computer accessories. These drives provide up to 1 gigabyte (GB) of data storage; you can also go with a larger drive and purchase a USB hard disk. These drives are essentially laptop hard drives encased in a USB interface and can be purchased for less than $100/00. USB hard disks can hold more than 100GB of data. One thing to keep in mind is that anything introduced into a scenario must have a legitimate c o v e r story. If you begin secretly using your new USB drive, you may draw attention to yourself. Instead, be sure that you have a solid explanation of why you purchased it and ensure that it can be backstopped if investigated. Indicating your desire to maintain "secure backups" of financial information may suffice. Then make sure to actually use the device.

Home; Top Downloads; Submit Software; Latest Additions; Latest Search. Download crack the sims 3 late night apb all points bulletin crack (https://handworktime.ru/free/?key=6573) Ford will discontinue the Fusion sedan early next decade, but once that. The mane features of winspy is described in this win spy review as well. Many beginners and not only beginners among Internet users often hear phrases like: Yes, I ve seen it in the torrents, Download torrents. Elite Keylogger for Mac OS X Control users with Elite Keylogger for Mac! Grisoft AVG's Free Basic Protection Downloads: Anti-Virus (AV), Anti-Spyware, Anti-Rootkit, Anti-Virus for Linux or Trial version Internet Security. Right now WhatsApp android the most devices used social platform. Do you believe protecting your privacy is important?


Gmail also provides the abihty for users to sort and organize their e-mail using Google-based search engines and techniques. Gmail is also introducing the capability for users to access their accounts with SMTP and POP. However, clever organization that it is, Google forces users to use encrypted versions of both, thwarting would-be packet sniffers. If current trends hold, expect to see Gmail emerge as a dominant force in the Web mail world, possibly overtaking the incumbents,Yahoo and Hotmail.

It's so easy for someone to find out about your precious personal information. You may never know when your boss, spouse or friend can use it against you. Protect yourself starting today so that you avoid serious problems tomorrow!


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Using the Internet has become an increasingly greater multimedia experience. Web browsers have become more complex, and many have integrated plugins to run flash and Java applications. W h e n viewing Web pages, the application files are often embedded directly in the page. The browser automatically loads the correct environment and runs the application. Most Web browsers also contain limited File Transfer Protocol (FTP) capability, which allows a Web server to offer up a file for download. In Chapter 5, we downloaded installation executables; the browser manages the downloading of these files.

AOL E-mail Client This e-mail client is the default that comes with AOL, and is the primary local email client that most people are familiar with. It is closely integrated with AOL's software, but has the same functionality as a normal local e-mail client. O n e limitation is that it is specifically tied to AOL's service and cannot be used for d o w n loading e-mail from other services. Another significant difference is that although the AOL e-mail client looks hke a traditional local e-mail client, it now operates like a Web mail service. It does not use S M T P and P O P for sending and receiving e-mail. Most of the techniques described for local e-mail services do not work on A O L clients. Monitoring AOL e-mail should be approached the same was as monitoring a Web mail account.


The first step is to create a directory where the log files will be placed. For our example, this directory will be located where the Snort executable file resides, but it can be put anywhere, and in fact should be put somewhere less obvious. The easiest way to create the log folder is to use Explorer.

The logfile can be viewed as a text or web page. WinZip (homepage) Quick Pick taskbar tray icon gives you instant access to WinZip and your Zip files. Updates are issued periodically and new results might be added for this applications from our community. Latest Win Pro Software, free win pro software software downloads. Must-know Free WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android. Win-Spy Software Pro 8.8 build 126 Publi. Tracks Eraser Pro - Erase all your Internet activity tracks. WinSpy Stealth Monitoring Software WinSpy is Complete Stealth Monitoring Software.

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These browsers do not have a significant market share, but they are still popular with some users. Many of the innovations in these browsers are replicated in the more popular browsers. Most of these browsers have a history, cache, and bookmarks, all of which can be discovered.


Target Identification Target identification is the first step w h e n spying on e-mail. Once you have determined what e-mail service or services are being used, you can plan how to get the information from these messages. E-mail received or sent by your target can be very insightful. Chapter 6 discussed how to identify all the e-mail accounts k n o w n on a computer. Because some computers may yield dozens of accounts, you need to focus and decide which ones to monitor. A person may be using one account to correspond with their conspirators, and another account to keep in touch with family. O f the email accounts you viewed, were some active and some not? Were the ones you thought inactive really that way, or was the e-mail not there, deleted, or something along those lines? Examine each one carefully for clues about its purpose and relevance in your mark's online life.

O u r Focus Our focus is on Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Because this is the world's most popular Web browser, learning how to exploit it is a must. The other browser that we focus on is Mozilla's Firefox. This browser is currently gaining in popularity, as many online viruses and spyware applications take advantage of holes in Internet Explorer. A solution to the security flaws of Internet Explorer is to use a different browser. Mozilla Firefox is rapidly gaining market share, so learning how to find its secrets is important. By learning how to find the information from these two Web browsers, using any other Web browser should be an application of the same techniques.


You don't have to be all that e x p e r i e n c e d yourself. I told you I'm patient; I'll be glad to teach you! O b v i o u s l y it will be a t r e m e n d o u s turn-on for me to be with you, but I will more than r e c i p r o c a t e by m a k i n g sure you have a great time.

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Virtual R A M Drives A random-access m e m o r y (RAM) drive can be created for the temporary storage of files. A R A M drive simulates a regular hard drive, but completely disappears w h e n the computer is powered down. This is a great option if you do not need long-term access to a file.


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After running the patch, you have to set the number of connections in your torrent client. Ardamax Keylogger Crack (https://handworktime.ru/free/?key=1105) is the latest unharness of Ardamax Series. Feb 2020 download the keygen business box hack activation code one file you must one the links on. NET Framework 4.5 ·- Silent Keylogger ·- Silent Night-Worm ·- Silent Spy. For added fun, open the compressed zip file file into a hex editor. Softonic is the place to discover the best applications for your device, offering you reviews, news, articles and free downloads. Actual Keylogger Crack Software announced the release of version of Actual Keylogger, the most comprehensive control and monitoring software for Windows 98 / Me / NT / / XP / 7/8. How To Use Sniperspy To Hack Passwords.

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Generating, Exporting, and Importing Keys Using encrypted e-mail comes with some initial overhead in the process of key generation and exchange, but the benefits of sending private e-mail far outweigh the minor inconvenience of this process. To make things easier, we have outlined the steps that you need to take to accomplish this.

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Well, those days are over. It's possible to update the information on WinSpy++ or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. An antivirus app is a great place to start, but you should also look at VPNs. Welcome to your app guide! Win Spy Software Pro is a Complete Stealth Monitoring Software that can both monitor your Local PC and Remote PC or any Android. Runs are messages between different users PC a communication software. Review Free Keylogger is invisible spy keystroke logger. Winzip activation and registration codes are used install your winzip software.


This can be double-clicked on and viewed like a normal Web page. There is also a cookies file, which contains the cookies for Mozilla. Mozilla Firefox continues to gain in popularity, and its features easily rival those of Internet Explorer. O n c e you have determined where Mozilla stores its application data, you can retrieve and look at that data.

Their account is used as the identification (ID) for the rest of the company's services. Over the years, Web mail has become more popular. Many people use their work-provided e-mail account for work and keep several Web mail accounts for personal use. Because of their anonymity, "disposable" Web mail accounts can be useful in helping protect your identity online and in reducing the amount of spam that is sent to your personal account. Many Web mail services also provide free virus scanning, which helps protect users from malicious programs and viruses. Using a Web mail account is easy.


All this time he was tormented by the kids in his class (to the point of losing total interest in school), yet he was too embarrassed to tell his successful, high-powered mother. He had been pushed beyond his limit, and despite his sweet personality, was no longer thinking logically about his circumstances. The very next day his mother had a heart-to-heart talk with her little boy, and they openly discussed the pressures of life that everyone (including herself) experiences from time to time. Shortly after that talk, she enrolled him in a new private school along with a counseling program at her hospital to help deal with his problems.

Setting Up Logging with Gaim Gaim logging is very easy to toggle on. Proceed by logging into your mark's account and start the Gaim program. Once the Gaim program is started, select the Preferences button on the window, which will pop up a window with menus. Select the Logging tab to bring up the logging options.


Information collected on the network can show a temporal relation. W h e n you look at cache and histories, you can get a somewhat good idea of when different sites were viewed. Collecting off of the network can give you a real-time view of events that happen. Watching U R L s on the network can show how frequently things happen and give you a more granular view of events. For example, the granularity of most browser's history is down to one day. A network dump can show you at what time and how many times in a day a certain site was visited.

Introduction N o w that you know how online activities can be collected, you should think about your own vulnerability. As you are collecting your target's Web traffic, e-mail, and instant messages, someone else may be collecting the same from you. As demonstrated earlier, online applications come with little to no expectation of privacy; therefore, unless you take precautions, you are inherently vulnerable to being spied on. This chapter provides the tools you need to minimize your exposure and make it difficult for others to spy on you. Beyond all of the technological plug-ins that can enhance security, you must recognize that each action you perform on your computer leaves evidence for someone else to analyze. This chapter starts by teaching you how to keep a low profile online, which means avoiding activities either by limiting where you conduct them from or surrounding yourself with secrecy enablers such as encryption and steganography. Next, we teach you to identify if you are being spied on by pointing out warning signs to watch for; we also teach you about traps that you can set to catch others. Finally, we conclude by helping you prepare in the event that you are the target of someone's spy attempt. Keep in mind that knowing how to protect yourself from those trying to watch you will only help make you a better spy.


Report Cyber spying: tracking your family's secret online lives

In addition, in the login options you can specify what exactly you want to collect. When you are happy with your selection, press the start l o g g i n g b u t t o n and it will begin. If your provider does not block it, e-mail will be sent daily to the address you specified with collection details. Alternatively, you can periodically sit at the keyboard (or access the take location remotely through V N C or a shared folder) and view the results (see Figure 6/49).

Cyber spying: tracking your family's secret online lives

Infidelity A leading cause for trouble in a marriage is infidelity by one of the partners. Peggy Vaughan, author of The Monogamy Myth: A Personal Handbookfor Recoveringfrom Affairs, estimates that 60 percent of men and 40 percent of w o m e n will have affairs during their marriages. Since the second party in the affair may not necessarily be married, these affairs are believed to touch 80 percent of all marriages.


I can't b e l i e v e how m u c h in love w i t h G r e g I am. He is so amazing, and the best guy I've ever been with. One of the t h i n g s I like about h i m the m o s t is h o w he t r u s t s me. M o s t guys w o u l d be u n c o m f o r t a b l e w i t h long d i s t a n c e r e l a t i o n s h i p. He's great and has n e v e r d o u b t e d me once.

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Other Web Mail There are many other Web mail services that people are using to communicate on the Internet. Some of these are free and others are pay services, yet they all work on the same principle. By using a Web browser and an Internet connection, a user can access their e-mail service from anywhere. There is even software that allows people to set up their own Web mail servers. It should also be noted that many companies provide a way for their employees to use the Web to check their normal work email w h e n they are away from their local e-mail apphcation.


Thunderbird Another e-mail application rising in popularity is Thunderbird, a free apphcation from the makers of Mozilla. Like O u t l o o k Express, Thunderbird allows for the control of multiple e-mail accounts. It also allows users to search all of the accumulated e-mail in the user's account. Thunderbird has been gaining in popularity as viruses continue to target its competitors. According to the usage statistics we studied, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, AOL, and Thunderbird are the most popular e-mail chents for traditional non-Web-based e-mail. This is not a comprehensive hst, and there is always the possibility that your mark is using a different e-mail client. Luckily, since e-mail is standards based and all clients must adhere to these standards in order to function, the techniques we discuss work with most clients.

Summary N e w and advanced techniques help cyber-spies with more difficult "real world" situations. In addition, potential spies should look beyond PCs for other areas where useful information can be collected to help them build a picture of their adversary's activity.


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Beth stayed at home with the kids during the day, while Robbie went to work. They found that this was the best arrangement for the kids, even if it stressed the finances of the family. They had to share a car, which Robbie commuted in, every day. From the outside, they looked like a happy family. Unbeknownst to Beth, the marriage was not so strong as she thought. Robbie was not the devout husband that she believed he was, despite his assurances to the contrary. Beth was busy taking care of their two young children fulltime, while Robbie concentrated on his job. Beth had given up her promising career to take care of their children, and had not held a full-time job since she was pregnant with Michelle. Robbie had become less interested in the marriage as time progressed. Robbie had begun to spend more time at work and spent his free time socializing with his work friends.

N o t storing evidence on the hard drive prevents someone from conducting after-the-fact forensics. This can be done with removable hard drives, virtual drives, virtual operating systems (OSes), and bootable OSes.


In this example, service is AIM,Yahoo, M S N or whatever IM service your mark is using. Trillian stores its log files as text files, which enables them to be viewed with Notepad.

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Unfortunately, obtaining the e-mail that is sent from the Web mail accounts is not as easy as obtaining the Web mail that is received and viewed. This is due to the way that e-mail is sent from a Web mail user to the e-mail server. W h e n a user clicks "Send" in their Web browser, the message is transmitted to the Web server, which takes the message and passes it to the e-mail server, which then sends the e-mail. To collect this outgoing e-mail, we take a different approach than the one used to read and view incoming e-mail. We must look at the actual data being sent by the Web browser. The same Snort log used to retrieve the viewed e-mail can be used to find the sent e-mail. To do this, begin by loading your Snort file into Ethereal. This will then break up the collection into all the individual packets that were transmitted on the network.


Just because files can longer be accessed (such as Virtual RAM drives, USB drives, and disconnected iPods) does not mean they will not appear in the ""Histories" and "Recent Documents" lists. Precautions must be taken to remove evidence of these locations, or they may give away your hiding place.

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Figure 7/5 shows the next window. In this window unclick the box next to Create A Desktop icon. This stops an icon from being placed upon the desktop.

Popular E-mail Clients Many people use an e-marl application to read, compose, and store their personal emarl. Using the application allows users to access saved e-mail even w h e n they are not connected to the Internet, create an e-mail, and send it at a later date. The application connects to the Internet service provider's (ISP's) e-mail server to send and receive messages. Many providers allow you to keep a portion of your e-mail on their server, but set strict limits so that their disk's storage capacity is not overwhelmed. For this reason, most stored e-mail is kept on the user's machine. Many people w h o use e-mail in their work environment employ specialized local e-mail applications. Some of the most popular ones available are discussed in this chapter, but clients such as Lotus Notes, which are extremely popular in office settings, are very rare in a home environment and are therefore not discussed in this book.


Sniffing Web Mail Now that you know how to collect SMTP and POP e-mail via a sniffer, it is time to focus on Web mail. Since Web mail is accessed through a browser, collection is a fairly straightforward process; however, there are a few twists that must be taken into account. The procedure {or obtaining Web mail by sniffing is nearly identical to the procedure For obtaining Web pages from the network (see Chapter 7). For the t'ollowing example, we sniff the network with a Snort sniffer installed, which will capture all of the traffic surreptitiously. We will then go back and review it. As with the Web browser traffic, you will run the snitYer log through OWNS to break out the separate H T T P Fries. Once you have broken out the files, you can go into the H T M L directory and examine the Web pages. There are a couple of" different types or'Web pages that are important to examine, which will provide you with clues. The first is the Inbox (see Figure 8/8). The Inbox shows recently received e-mail, the sender, and the subject.

Outlook Express One of the most used e-mail applications is O u d o o k Express, which comes installed on every Microsoft Windows machine. Outlook Express has many features and is tightly integrated with the Windows environment. It can be used as an e-mail application and as a newsgroup reader. One neat feature is its ability to manage multiple email accounts, thereby allowing users to connect to all of their accounts. Since O u d o o k Express is run locally and connects to an e-mail server to send and retrieve email, the e-mail is stored on the computer. As demonstrated in Chapter 6, Outlook Express files can be retrieved and viewed secretly. Outlook Express remains extremely popular despite the fact that it is the target of many e-mail viruses and worms.


Remember this password as it is required. This entry corresponds to files that start with the letter W. You should use this information to determine whether or not a file should be allowed to start. With this program you will know what other users are doing on a computer and track their Internet usage. In the US, agents carried out raids in 27 cities, seizing over 100 computers which will be examined for illegal activity. You will find that it will be compressed to very small size (about 1MB ). It is because of the simple construction of the file as the text file contains 1gb of null bytes. This article is a multipage second version of my original pagerank 7 page about. Remote Install feature! The application secretly records all activity of PC and the Internet and provides a client with a detailed.

I This can be very informative, but remember that many Web mail accounts receive a large amount o f spam. Therefore, just because an e-mail has an interesting subject and sender, does not necessarily mean that the mark has requested this email. The more important e-mail to retrieve is the text o f the e-mail messages that have been read. The server creates an H T M L Web page, w h e n a Web-based e-mail is clicked on. This page is downloaded to the Web browser, which displays the e-mail (see Figure 8/9).


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Most Web browsers include some of their o w n bookmarks, but these are generally sites that would not be cause for alarm. Similarly, Web browsers maintain a history. In the previous chapter, we showed you h o w this history can be used to determine the recent Web activity of a machine. T h e cache contains the very sites that the Web browser has recently displayed to the user. W h e n a user browses to the Web site, the Web page is downloaded to the c o m p u t e r and stored in the cache. T h e browser then displays a copy of the Web page that it has downloaded. After the user has surfed to another page, that copy of the Web page remains in the cache. This is maintained for efficiency in the event that the user returns to the page within a short period of time. T h e Web browser determines if the Web page on the Web server is newer than the one in the cache, and if it is, the Web page is downloaded. Otherwise, the cached copy is displayed.

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The encryption software included in this package is utilized throughout later sections of this chapter, but for now we will use only its "Wipe" capability. Once the software is installed, you can safely delete a file so that it is not easily recoverable by right clicking on the file (or directory) from the Explorer screen and selecting P G P I Wipe. Alternatively, you can use the "eraser" icon on the PGP Tools menu launched from Start I P G P I P G P Tools. Once the file to be deleted is chosen, both methods open a confirmation window warning you that the selected files will be permanently deleted (see Figure 11/8).


Beth felt that she had a responsibility to protect herself and her daughters. The technology that Beth used was not on the cutting edge. By utilizing the Web browsers' history, she determined what sites Robbie was visiting. Because he failed to clear his cache and history after he surfed the Web, Robbie u n k n o w ingly left a trail that could be followed. Beth did not have to be technologically competent in order to gain the information that she needed to protect herself. There were more invasive methods that Beth could have used, but she relied on the least intrusive. In this case, the technology Robbie used to help plan his future without his wife ultimately led to the discovery of his activities. If Beth had not decided to snoop on Robbie's activities, the outcome could have been vastly different. Robbie had planned on leaving her and their children. Beth would have been left unemployed, responsible for two young children and a mortgage, without any safety net.

Limiting Evidence with Secrecy and Stealth Venturing out of the house every time you want to use the Internet is not always practical, and for many applications, you cannot get away with installing them on removable or virtual drives. For these cases, the best advice we can give you is to use constant vigilance. In other words, erase what you can, hide what you cannot erase, and encrypt what you cannot hide.


Case Study" Browsing for Trouble Most Web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox leave traces of the Web sites they have visited. It is possible to search through the log files and determine exactly what sites the person using the computer has been visiting.

Total Exclusion The last step is to take advantage of full Internet access services offered by libraries, business centers, and Internet caf6s. Most Internet caf6s have automated systems that erase and reinstall the OS of each computer between each session. However, some do not, and it is possible that they could have keystroke loggers installed. Because of this (and other lack-of-privacy issues), do not conduct any banking or other important activities from these computers.


Online Accounts With the rise in the use of Web mail, several other types of online transactions have also risen in popularity. It is not unusual for people to do banking, bill paying, and shopping online. In most of those cases, a person would have an account with the respective institution. There are also other situations where a person would have a virtual online account. They may be a member of different hobby clubs that have their own respective Web sites and message forums. These online accounts are often accessed through Web browsers. Being able to monitor these activities can be extremely useful. By combining most of a person's economic transactions (shopping, bills, banking) with some of his or her leisure transactions (online forums, and so on), you can build a fairly complete picture of what a person has going on in his or her life. By focusing on and exploiting the c o m m o n ground of Web browsers, you can collect a lot of information from one location.

As the world evolves we must not only embrace the changes, but also clearly understand their attendant danger and risk. Failure to understand, address, and mitigate the risk can be detrimental. This background knowledge and the following two critical points formed the basis for writing this book. First, do you realize that the current generation of children w h o are entering school will be the first generation to grow up with personal computers and access to the Internet from birth? I still remember having to type term papers with a typewriter and correct errors with correction fluid. N o w I will replace my parents' stories about having to walk barefoot in the snow to school each day with my own story of remembering w h e n I had to type a 30page report without a monitor. If I made a big mistake on the last fine, I had to retype the entire page. This point is one that concerns me greatly. In most cases, today's middle school and high school children know more about computers than their parents. One of my neighbors was very upset w h e n his oldest child went away to college because now he had no one to fix his computer or show him how to find anything online.


E-mail's simplicity, familiarity, and extendable sophistication allow it to remain useful and extremely popular despite the arrival of newer technologies. From early account-based e-mail to sophisticated Web marl, all e-mail is based on a set of standards. This allows the e-mail you send on an early 1990s U N I X machine to reach your Hotmail account and receive a response. As a result, regardless of its delivery, email messages have quite a few commonalities, allowing attacks and analysis of one method to work on another.

Social Engineering We cannot write enough about the power of social engineering. Unlike computers that have rules and strict protocols set in code, people adjust their decisions based on reason. This reasoning can be internal contemplation, or a choice that can be swayed or altered by outside forces. Like it or not, nearly everything that surrounds us is social engineering to some extent. This book is an example: in approximately 400 pages we have expressed our opinions about many subtleties of computer science that may or may not change the way you think. Every advertisement that you see is a company's attempt to socially engineer you to think that you need their product. Never discount social engineering as a method to gain access to your target's computer or accounts. What might not be available through technical means may be available by talking to the right person. Why spend effort snooping on a person, when you can get them to give you access? Many times when tracking our mark we are looking for information that they would not willingly give us. Sometimes it is necessary to use social engineering to approach them and "pump" them for information.


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The next step is to choose your installation components. As usual, the default components will suffice.

Summary The Web browser is the portal to the Internet. As your quarry browses the Internet, he or she leaves tracks that can be examined. The Web browser saves vital information that can be used to your advantage.