XBMCbuntu is both a live Ubuntu based OS with XBox Media Center pre-configured to work directly out-of-the-box from a CD or USB drive without touching the users hard drive for demo purposes, and also a fully-fledged installer that allows the installation of the XBMC Media Center onto your empty local hard disk. Once booted, XBMCbuntu will give the user the option to either just run it as a demo from only the CD/USB (not touching your harddrive) or do a permanent installation of XBMC complete with embedded operating-system onto an 8GB (or larger) USB-flash-memory-stick or your internal harddrive for a dedicated set-top-box style installation of XBMC.

  • Ubuntu Netbook Remix runs on this device well. See this guide
  • Raspberry Pi and the Serial Port
  • “Unable to locate package” error in Ubuntu 18.04 on Windows
  • How can I find my User ID (UID) from terminal? - Ask Ubuntu
  • Ubuntu 14.x and xRDP

Lirc not working with apple remote in Ubuntu

A multi-call binary is an executable program that performs the same job as more than one utility program. That means there is just a single BusyBox binary, but that single binary acts like a large number of utilities. This allows BusyBox to be smaller since all the built-in utility programs (we call them applets) can share code for many common operations.


One very interesting feature of XBMC (get more information) is its possibilities of being enriched by some add-ons. These add-ons can be installed manually or thru some repositories.

Note that for VNC, the default <local port> is 5900. In general, a remote VNC server (such as Krfb) is also listening on the default <remote port> 5900 as well. The default <SSH tunnel port> is 22, as discussed above. All these can be changed, however, if you desire greater security.


Apparently, blkid hung or took too long while scanning for the root partition, so the system killed blkid and the root filesystem could not be mounted. This can be caused by a faulty hard drive or damaged partition data.

Finally, check that it will work. I suggest you test it using the QEMU button in RMPrepUSB and select the first non-persistent menu item. As QEMU is quite slow, just check it gets as far as finding the squashfs (press ESC to see the linux boot messages).


It is compliant with many different types of clients, including Kontact, Outlook, and Palm PDAs. Installation instructions are at the website and are not trivial.

The above tools are just enough to configure a perfect Ubuntu desktop for daily usage. These tools comes with bundle of several essential and daily usage applications. So, you can omit almost 75% of this article steps.


[RELEASE] NetfliXBMC - Unofficial Netflix Add-on (Win/OSX

Copy the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders from your original DVD directly to your hard drive. Then use k9copy to burn a DVD directly from these hard drive folders.

How to Run Headless Linux on Amlogic S905 Devices Such as MINI MX or K1 Plus

Tremulous - a Halo-like multiplayer first person shooter action game. The repositories have the current version.


How you can Copy and Edit DVDs

Note: There are many ways to mount the drive, depending on your needs. The fstab file controls this process. See How to edit and understand fstab and Intro to using fstab.

Most BusyBox applets support the -help argument to provide a terse runtime description of their behavior. If the CONFIG_FEATURE_VERBOSE_USAGE option has been enabled, more detailed usage information will also be available.


Groupware solutions include shared calendars, group email servers, groups address lists, group projects, and internal messaging. They require (one or more) servers with LAMP or similar server stacks.

Linux drivers for the digital iSight camera (connected by FireWire), using ALSA for sound, are here. The video component is already supported by current kernels (see here for more information).


Akregator is the default news/RSS reader included with Kubuntu (KDE). Usage instructions are found in the Handbook.

Meet my first HTPC: Fanless, NAS/RAID1, Linux, 30 watts

Boxee is an XBMC-like open source package to allow streaming video over the Internet, including from YouTube and other sites. It is a fork of XBMC, and is still in alpha development and testing stage. It is currently available for 32-bit systems only, and recommended for Hardy.


But in the meantime, since it runs standard Ubuntu 14/04 and therefore I can do with it what I do with any Ubuntu computer. Also, being so small, having it turned on all the time was both tempting, and guiltless.

For windows, many howto's have been written out there (google). For linux though, emptines is what you get. So - it took me a long time to understand how it works and find a way to get it to work. In fact, the entire trick consists in reading the plist file on the mac-side, and decode it so that the linux side can read it too.


Convert FILE in-place from Unix to DOS format. When no file is given, use stdin/stdout.

Map %ISO% > nul

XDMCP allows a complete remote X-windows based login. Remote connections are hazardous unless proper security precautions are taken to prevent unauthorized logins and to ensure encryption of transmitted data.


BusyBox tries to avoid using any libc calls that make use of NSS. Some applets however, such as login and su, will use libc functions that require NSS.

To access the Guidance Power Manager module, click on the power icon on the desktop taskbar. Change the brightness setting for "Battery powered" to maximum.


It also installs multiple "stripped" codecs and avutils (libavcodec-unstripped-52 and libavutil-unstripped-49). This is a single command approach.

Odroid U3 with Ubuntu

DroiX is a UK-Based gadget retailer with over 5 years experience in the industry. Remote Control REMOTE="Custom. Having published how to install Kodi on Windows, let us now look how to install XBMC on Ubuntu systems. Super Repo, or Superrepo as it is commonly called, is one of the most popular Kodi repositories. Kodi (formerly XBMC) is a free and open source media player application developed by the XBMC/Kodi Foundation, a non-profit technology consortium. Pass AVOptions to libavformat demuxer. This guide assumes you have the TV Guide add on (in official Programs repository) and NTV plugin installed. Posts: 6, 784 Joined: Jul 2020 Reputation: 192. Kodi (former XBMC) is an award-winning free and open source software media player and entertainment hub that can be installed on Linux, OSX, Windows, iOS, and Android, featuring a 10-foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls.


The tar file contains two files a) an image containing visual representation of key mappings. Cloud storage on Onedrive. Logitech K400r Ubuntu. Advanced notifications: Get it, read it, snooze or dismiss. Accessing your Pi remotely via SSH, VNC or over the web. FIXES: FreeBSD package re-added. Advanced music: Dynamic colors based on the currently playing album artwork. NFS instead of SMB are its low protocol overhead (which allows it to send data across a network more quickly) and its use of simple UID's to authenticate users rather than username/password combinations. Recentyly installed Ubuntu, and put the [HOST] file.

If you have installed mozilla-mplayer package you will need to delete the mplayer firefox plugin for real player videos. Other wise all real player files will open with mplayer.


The Spring Project is a scripting engine platform to develop and play free multiplayer games such as Star Wars Imperial Winter and Complete Annihilation. See these installation instructions for adding the repository, then installing as a package.

I still feel like I have to laugh when I see that screen - 332MB of free memory, only about 10 percent of memory used, and it is running just fine, and will do an. Select n for new remote and give it any name that suits you. Double Key Presses (with Harmony) Flirc isn't sending the correct function to my device; Individual keypresses feel slow/laggy; Keys repeat after remote has stopped being pressed (Sticky Keys) Double Key Presses; Every Second Key Press Doesn't Work; See all 7 articles Flirc device. Setup Linux - handy link - the setup guide PDF; Either use a SD Card or a micro USB. Hi, I haven't seen a posting about this, so I figured I'd do it. Netflix on Ubuntu PPA. Gentoo's Bugzilla – Bug 89432 media-video/handbrake - Open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder. We want to keep the default installation delivering a system which benefits most users and meets their expectations and needs. Login with your credentials. Update: This all still works with KODI 14 as.


Media keys aren't working (Ubuntu 11.10, Pithos latest daily) gnome-settings-daemon: Low: Confirmed: 32: 742618: compiz crashed with SIGABRT in raise() compiz: Medium: Confirmed: 32: 577727: Ubuntu 10.04 sound lag with enemy territory quake wars: pulseaudio: Medium: Triaged: 31: 958898 [network]: gnome-control-center crashed with SIGSEGV in nm. CoderDojos are free, creative coding clubs in community spaces for young people aged 7–17. And the resolved issue here. Instead of the low level KEY_ names, which represent keycodes, you can also use the higher level X11 keysyms XK_, the keysyms have the advantage that they map directly to the key you expect, while a KEY_ name gets mangled by the X11 keymap and will often not report what you expect in case you use a keymap that is different then your keyboard (i. Active 1 year, 6 months ago. Motivation and Context How Has This Been Tested? Guide to Properly Mount USB Storage on Raspberry Pi for XBMC or a home media server and automount the device on boot. General and distribution specific guides on HOW-TO compile Kodi for Linux from source code is available in this whis, and there is also an up-to-date README for Ubuntu Linux available in the XBMC Foundation git repo on GitHub. How to Set Up an Ubuntu Based HTPC with XBMC.

Add keymap support for OSMC remote controllers #18895

This part bears repeating, as many people are confused on. This was written using Ubuntu i with XBMC installed from the svn ppa. The actual hack dates are Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th January, with a social event on the Friday 13th January and post hackday party on Sunday evening somewhere we can try out some of the hacks. Discover our guide to the greatest gear from the year. The intel drivers are very much a work in progress in ways. Showing posts from August, 2020. Please improve this page if you can. Ubuntu Software Center is the GUI-based method to add or remove applications. Watch TV shows available online from the TV networks.


BasKet Note Pads is a personal note-taking application that resides on your computer and can be used for creating "to-do" lists. It is great for centralising your thoughts in one place.

How to play encrypted DVDs on Ubuntu Linux 11.10, 12.04

This way, one could watch shows without having to actually record them locally. Posts: 17, 858 Joined: Jul 2020 Reputation: 367. Configuring the Pi's settings to suit your needs. Whenever you type in Unity Dash to search for an application or a file in your computer, your search terms will be automatically sent to third parties such as Amazon, and the third parties will display the. I tried the submenu method, but submeu doesnt work in XBMC Linux. XBMC is a free, mature, open-source cross-platform media center. I have the same remote and was looking for a way to use it with XBMC under Windows XP. With the info you provided I can run XBMC native under 64 bit Ubuntu and XP using Virtualbox. I recently ditched my aging 12.04-Ubuntu-based XBMC setup to go with OpenELEC which is purposed-built and thus very fast. Flirc learns any remote control, so you can use your old IR remote control and map it with the Flirc using a configuration application on Windows and Mac OS X. You can follow this Flirc guide to map the keys with the configuration application.


Dvd :rip is a DVD backup/copy program, written in GTK-based perl, that uses the transcode video/audio processing and conversion tools. See the website for installation and official documentation. For other info, see this dvd :rip tutorial.

Atheros Wireless cards should work automatically with the new kernel by installing the proprietary driver. At installation, after the first reboot, you will be prompted whether to use the proprietary drivers.


Audacious is a compact, fast music player that is a fork of XMMS. It resembles WinAmp and can use WinAmp and XMMS skins. It supports many plugins and is ideal for streaming content.

Twiki is an open source wiki engine used by many small to medium size companies internally. It has an active development team with multiple plugins. See the website for installation instructions.


I opted for the server version of Ubuntu 14/04 as the starting point, using a standard install just with openssh-server enabled. I then installed the xubuntu-desktop meta package. Of course, this is the same as installing Xubuntu 14/04. I was later told by our local XBMC (look at here) expert that starting with XBMCUbuntu was a better option.

Video Appliance For a Large Library On a Network?

Example:For extra security, my SSH Server uses <SSH tunnel port>=11022. I want to VNC to a remote computer on a remote LAN with a router whose IP address is <remote ip> = 244/205/123/123. The remote computer to which I want to connect has a static IP address within the remote LAN of <remote computer> = 192/168/1.155. I have set up a Krfb VNC server on this computer that is listening on <remote port> = 6912 (instead of the default 5900). I setup port forwarding on the router of this remote LAN to forward port 6912 to this server computer. I want to VNC to this remote computer from my laptop, through the Internet. My laptop VNC client (Krdc) will use the default <local port> = 5900.


You can accept uninvited connections in the Security section. You can require a password for these connections.

Note: if you wish to see the linux text output as XBMCbuntu boots, remove the words splash and quiet – this will help you to see what is wrong if it is not booting. You can also press the ESC key during booting to view any linux error messages, etc.


Want to change the default icons to something that match your taste? Check this nice collection of icons for Ubuntu (PPA included).

The Ubuntu LiveCD can be installed on and run from a USB pendrive. Settings can be "persistently" saved (but the LiveCD kernel modules can not be upgraded).


7 Nmap NSE Scripts for Recon

A Webmin module is available to administer settings. Also, a GUI to change Dansguardian settings called Webstrict is in development.

The Noscript plugin is considered one of the most important security measures for browsing the Internet. Most viruses and trojans gain access to computers from the Internet through scripts. This plugin allows you to choose which scripts to allow and blocks the rest.


Best platform for XBMC? - Media players

See this example configuration file. However, not all options are able to be set from the configuration file and must be run from the command line. For more info see this wbar guide.

Vdrift is a free open source 3-D racing game, similar to Need for Speed, with realistic physics, multiple drift tracks, and multiplayer games. Support for joysticks, mice and keyboard is included. A binary package for Linux is available from the website.


Also check your program's preferences section to make sure ALSA is selected. This is necessary for many multimedia packages, for example.

How you can Copy Karaoke Dvds

Plone is a free, open source (GPL-licensed) multi-platform content management system used by many large organizations around the world. It is available with an integrated installer here. Some users have had some difficulties in Jaunty, due to changes in Python.


I suspect this is because the backslash key is in a different place on German keyboards. XBMC can be used to play almost all popular audio and video formats around. I can't enable VA-API in VLC (the VA-API output is not present among the one I can choose, only VDPAU. Kodi media center was originally created for the Microsoft Xbox and called Xbox Media Center (XBMC), the software has continued to evolve, spawning a community of its own. The Citrix ICA Client (=Citrix Receiver. Key Global Video playback Music visualisation 0 (zero): Go between the two last channels (live TV channel) OR Go to "now" on EPG/TV guide: A: Audio delay control B: Live TV: Schedule recording timers Live TV: Schedule recording timers. It has been tuned for Acer Revo 3610 nettop, but with very few adjustments, you should be able to get it working on any nVidia ION based computer. A Ceph cluster consists of these components: Ceph OSDs (ceph-osd) – Handles the data storage, data replication, and recovery. Now type these three sudo commands (and press Enter at the end of each line of course) in the.

Now, the steam will be installed on your system. Launch it either from Dash or Menu.


Download3K - Tech News, How To's, Answers, Software

This of course for an MCE IR remote seen as a remote. Xbox and cant do HD at all. Hi there I have recently received my Gbox with XBMC Android version. If you are interested in joining, simply get active on bugzilla and help our existing members wrangle bugs. Meetups for people interested in making things with Raspberry Pi computers. Y. press Q to exit and return to the rclone-browser and press the refresh. Out of XBMC Keys forever. In order to overwrite the default key mapping and add new ones, you have to create a special file, understand XBMC's key mapping syntax and find out the names for keys in XBMC. The name is a historical thing, nothing more.

How you can Copy Movies From TV to DVD Dvds

Zarafa is the leading European MS-Exchange replacement/groupware solution. It is proprietary, but a GPL-licensed (except for trademarks) free open-source community edition was released in 2008. Download instructions are available from the website.


To do so you need to add your module name in the /etc/modules file. Any module listed in that file will be loaded at boot time.

Quasar is a proprietary Linux-based accounting suite similar to Quickbooks. For a single user without point-of-sale or networking needs, it is free. For other users it costs CA$500 per seat. An installer for KDE-based systems is here.


Teach, Learn, and Make with Raspberry Pi

Wicd is a GTK-dependent networking manager written in Python that can be used in all variants of Ubuntu. Some users report it to be faster and more stable than Network Manager. To avoid networking conflicts, Wicd requires the removal of Network Manager prior to installation.

Songbird is an open source music player from Mozilla with an appearance meant to resemble iTunes. It is in current development and does not yet have full support for mp3 players (such as the iPod). It incorporates a Shoutcast internet radio interface. The current beta version can be downloaded from the website.


Productive: User interface automatically adjusts to touch displays or desktops/laptops systems. Het is iets omslachtiger dan in MacOS en Windows, maar werkt verder prima. Programs like "showkey" won't help, since you can't use any of its output for this task. This repository contains the code for an XBMC addon script that allows access to OpenStreetMap maps. It's the living room side where I keep running into problems. It does not have a PVR capability nor as many functions as MythTV, but has a very nice interface. Normally you should not set this. Raspberry Pi, XBMC and Multimedia Keyboards. Topic titled 'Lock-on: flaming cliffs Cd-key' posted in the Combat Flight Simulator forum at Fly Away Simulation.

The Only Raspberry Pi 4 Kodi Tutorial You Will Ever Need

Search for the name of the program/package. You can also search for a word in its description.


Java is fast, secure, and reliable programming and computing platform. There are lots of applications and websites that will not work unless you have Java installed, and more are created every day. To install java simply run the following command from your terminal.

You will get the same functionnalities, but on latest Precise 12.04 LTS Amd64. LIRC Linux Infrared Remote Control Brought to you by: alec_leamas, lirc. Takes the and executes the internal Play command inside of Kodi. It has been a while ago since I wrote the blogpost. When I log into Citrix from my laptop with 10.04, and click on the windows RDP app to launch, and select full screen, it only fills in between the gnome panels, and adds scroll bars. One big reason behind the popularity of kodi is its unlimited customization prospects. In this video I take a quick look at XBMCbuntu 12 and so how to install XBMC within Ubuntu. If you have installed XBMC to disk, this is in the /boot/grub/[HOST] file. My content is exposed via SMB.


Mini Wireless Keyboard Touchpad Combo Installation & User

Xubuntu - Xubuntu can run with as little as 256 Mb RAM. It is better for older machines with limited resources.

LiveTV and TVHeadend Client

I’ve been using a Logitech diNovo Mini keyboard on zuul, the new HTPC, for three weeks now. There are plenty of reviews online, which you should read if you are thinking of buying one. These are my notes on using it with XBMC and Ubuntu (https://handworktime.ru/free/?key=5674).


If you wish to use SSH without a password from a secure client (to which no one but you has access), leave the passphrase blank. If you enter a passphrase, you will be asked for this passphrase each time you use the SSH client.

Internet Cafe (or CyberCafe) software is specialized LAN-administration software that includes time usage monitoring, billing, and administration. It can also be used in schools, libraries, and organizations with multiple monitored workstations requiring usage limits.


I have to copy DVDs for a company because they are given by the government so we can copy them legally

Kontact is the default PIM included with Kubuntu. Kontact includes email, an address book, a calendar, reminders, pop-up notes, a link to the Akregator News/RSS reader, time-tracking, and more. Its many functions resemble MS-Outlook. Through connectors it interfaces with many groupware servers (such as Kolab and eGroupware).

15 XBMC keyboard shortcuts you should know

Unfortunately, while this is the feature that gives Linux such a high-level of security, it can also take diligence to remember to add your user to certain groups. It is not uncommon for programs and functions on your system not to work merely because you don't have privileges to do so because you forgot to add your user to the appropriate group(s).


Karmic Koala (9/10), scheduled for release in October 2009. This will not be an LTS version.

Using LIRC Rosewill RRC remote in Ubuntu

Make sure you have an infra-red remote control. I am using my LG television remote control.


Istanbul is a desktop recorder for the Gnome desktop. It records your session into an OGG Theora video file.

EasyPlot 1/1 is an alternative to GnuPlot, with a version that can be used with QTOctave. It must be installed from source.


Setup Chinavasion IR receiver with Harmony 300i

K9copy is the free open source DVD backup, copying, compression, and authoring utility that requires libdvdcss. For other info, see this or this guide.

You will need an infra-red receiver. This may be an external one that you plug into your computer, or the receiver may be part of the motherboard. Mine is the latter, being part of my Intel NUC motherboard.


Rename network interface while it in the down state. The device with address HWADDR is renamed to IFACE.

Now, re-insert the tuner into the USB socket, and then your tuner again. I use kaffeine under KDE, but there are multiple tuners out there depending on what you have and what you prefer.


Pessulus is a GTK (Gnome)-based utility that allows an a computer administrator to restrict acccess to several administrative functions, including the command-line Terminal and many other functions. This is useful on public kiosk PCs, for example.

“Unable to locate package” while trying to install packages with APT

There is a vast array of proprietary licenses, all different. You never know what your limitations for software are unless you read every word. Most are attempts by lawyers to have an opportunity to create a lawsuit in the future. Some may be called "free" licenses but have many limitations which you will not be aware of until you are in the middle of a lawsuit. No license outside of the GPLv3 license is recommended. Be careful when committing your organization to a mission-critical software package with a proprietary license. Also see this outstanding article on the Open Source Enterprise Trap.


When I installed my Ubuntu server, it installed libgd2-noxpm. This is a graphics library (without X pixmap (XPM) or font configuration (fontconfig) support). However, Drupal requires libgd2-xpm, which is used instead of libgd2-xpm. Removing libgd2-xpm doesn't appear to be trivial, however. I could not remove it using apt, Adept, or KPackageKit.

If you are using an older version of Ubuntu, you may wish to upgrade to Jaunty. A new installation is recommended to prevent software bloat.


How do I copy an encrypted DVD in Ubuntu 16/04? Ask Question Asked 1 year, 4 months ago.

Wink is a open source tutorial and presentation editor. It allows you to capture screenshots and use them for presentations.


Timeshift a application that provides functionality similar to the System Restore feature in Windows and the Time Machine tool in Mac OS. TimeShift protects your system by taking incremental snapshots of the file system at regular intervals. These snapshots can be restored later to bring your system to the exact state it was in at the time when the snapshot was taken.

PlaneShift is a promising free full-immersion online fantasy game (MMPORG). Client downloads and patches are available here.


Karmic Koala is NOT an LTS (Long Term Support) release. It will be supported with security updates until April 2021.

USB pendrives to be used to run Ubuntu should have a minimum of 2 Gb (preferably 4 Gb). If you wish to install a fast, fully functional Linux system on a pendrive that has less memory than that, use PuppyLinux.


Groundwork OpenSource offers a community edition that integrates other packages such as Nagios, Nmap, and others. There is a subscription enterprise version as well. It has its roots in a university setting.

Get XBMC KeyMap Editor alternative downloads. Right now "Concussion" and "Hateful Eight" is up. DVD version. To do this, I'm afraid the quickest way is from a terminal, so click on the Dash Home in the top left, type "ter" and then click on the Terminal icon. Download Ubuntu desktop, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi and IoT devices, Ubuntu Core and all the Ubuntu flavours. It has been under heavy development since 2020, and now contains most features one would expect from a good DVR (and many new ones that you soon won't be able to live without). The key was setting security to security = share. There are several buttons on the Gyration Media Center Remote that work with XBMC out of the box, so to speak. Joplin Joplin is a free and open source note-taking and to-do application that can handle a large number of. When a white page appears, copy the URL and paste that back to the terninal.


Xine UI is a multimedia player based, of course, on the xine platform. It can also play streamed video from the Internet and supports most formats, including some uncommon ones.

To change printer settings you must belong to lpadmin. To use the cdrom, you must belong to cdrom. To use hot-pluggable devices, you must belong to plugdev. To share Samba folders (on a Windows-based network), you must belong to sambashare. To access NTFS files using the virtual filesystem fuse, you must belong to the fuse group. To use many games, you must belong to the games group. The list is long, and not always obvious.


TechNazgul: Making sense of XBMC remote mapping

Emesene is an MSN messenger client that uses a simplified interface similar to the original client. It is not necessary if you use Pidgin.

Print last 10 lines of each FILE (or stdin) to stdout. With more than one FILE, precede each with a filename header.


DigiKam is an advanced digital photo management application for Linux, Windows, and Mac-OSX. It can be used by Photographers to view, manage, edit, enhance, organize, tag, and share photographs under Linux systems.

Use amlvideo driver for audio/video sync #9896

Zattoo is a free Internet TV player that allows you to watch terrestrial television from various countries in Europe. See the Zattoo Download page for further instructions on installation. For screenshots and an alternate installation guide, see this UbuntuGeek guide.


The BusyBox prompt is part of the initial RAM disk (initramfs), which is normally used in the early stages of booting Linux, before the root filesystem is loaded. This initramfs, along with the kernel and GRUB (bootloader) data, is typically stored in a separate boot partition. It appears your boot partition is intact.

Remote control media player without lirc using ir-keytable

So, it seems that going for a regular PC with Intel architecture was inevitable. Before spending the money on a proper PC of the correct form factor and a tuner, I opted to test the USB TV Tuner first.


Note: Karmic Koala has not been released yet. The currently available version still has many bugs. It is not recommended to use this version yet. In addition, this version of the guide is currently undergoing extensive revisions and is not accurate.

I did so on an HP Pavilion DM4 13/3" Laptop with a broken hinge, and a disk that died a few months ago. The specifications are Intel i5 CPU M450 @ 2/4 GHz, and 4GB RAM. This CPU has 2 cores, and 4 threads. The disk was replaced with a 2/5" 256GB OCZ Vertex SSD which was lying around.


Contents Dive into the world of hacking with this indepth manual that covers the big topics from the Linux kernel and wider open-source OS to hacking. Originally, XBMC was created as a media center application for the first-generation Xbox game console (no longer supported) but is now officially available as a native application for Android, Mac. Disable autocheck at mount. It uses a 10-foot user interface and is designed to be a media player for the living-room, using a remote control as the primary input device. TIP: If you're using Putty and are going to be following this guide step-by-step then you can save yourself some typing by simply highlighting each command, right-clicking on it and selecting Copy. Close the browser via ALT+F4 or map it to any remote key via an external tool. Abril de 2020 Ubuntu 9.04 revisado. Unlike the Silicondust HDHomeRun Prime the InfiniTV tunes up to four cable channels with an M-type CableCARD obtained from a cable company, and does not require an Ethernet connection of its own. A: Audio delay control B: Live TV: Schedule recording timers Live TV: Schedule recording timers C: Contextual menu Playlist D: Move item down (Playlist editor & Favorites window) E: Live TV EPG/TV guide Live.

The followingpeople have contributed code to BusyBox whether they know itor not. If you have written code included in BusyBox, youshould probably be listed here so you can obtain your bit ofeternal glory. If you should be listed here, or thedescription of what you have done needs more detail, or isincorrect, please send in an update.


Feed for question 'Tweaking Remote Control '

Of course, adding ’/bin/busybox’ into every command would be painful. So most people will invoke BusyBox using links to the BusyBox binary.

Advanced View Rasbberry Projects List 1330 - Raspberry PI

Hopefully Ubuntu will recognise your remote control. ACCAF35C sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade. German public broadcasters provide their shows online (often for a limited time). Note: Key servers often use port 11371. Historical weather data for 40 years back for any coordinate. Make sure your firewall allows port 11371 to be open. In case of TV Guide errors: you may need the latest beta version of TV Guide which can be found here as a zip file. This is a continuation of the tidying up of the keyboard code. I press them on the remote.


Ubuntu allows a user to accomplish tasks from either a menu-driven Graphical User Interface (GUI) or from a text-based command-line interface (CLI). In Ubuntu, the command-line-interface terminal is called Terminal, which is started: Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal.

You may want to extend the rootfs partition in the SD card with gparted, or you’ll only have a small part of your SD card used. Now insert the SD into your Amlogic S905 TV box, and connect the power.


[keyboard.xml - Action commands] PVR specific keymapping

Chkrootkit checks locally for signs of a rootkit. See the chkrootkit manual for usage instructions.

There are no top/side row keys: F1-F12, Home, End, Insert, PrntScrn, SysRq, Pause, or Num/Caps/Scroll Lock keys. So you must use a traditional keyboard if you need those keys to configure BIOS. I also suggest disabling Num Lock on boot. Once in Ubuntu, you can do everything with the mouse or other keys.


Notes: Kolab uses its own server components, and it is best to run Kolab on a dedicated server. However, it is possible to run other servers on the same machine, as long as you choose alternate ports if the server modules conflict.

Ubuntu 12.04 - Revo 3610 as a XBMC Media Center with TV and Remote

KMail (Kontact Mail) is the default email client included with Kontact in KDE (Kubuntu). Kontact includes email, an address book, a calendar, reminders, pop-up notes, a link to the Akregator News/RSS reader, time-tracking, and more.


How to make the green Play-Button on a MCE remote start

You can keep track how long you use an application with TimeTracker. Keep records for billing or simply limit your Internet usage.

How Can You Force XBMC to use a system keymap as defined

During server installation, you will have the option of installing a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, pHp) server stack. Many (but not all) open source servers use this integrated server stack. Drupal, for example, needs to have a LAMP server installed. If you intend to install a groupware server, however, make sure it is compatible with a LAMP server stack before choosing this option. Many groupware servers will install LAMP (or their own variation) automatically, so you do not need to install the LAMP stack. Others will install and use postgreSQL instead of MySQL, so you would not need to install a LAMP server.


This USB remote works out of the box on Ubuntu and provides basic out of the box control for XBMC operation

Netstat is the Linux command-line tool to monitor network status and functions. There are many usage parameters.

Gnu Octave is a free, open source (GPL licensed) platform for solving linear and non-linear equations, similar to (and mostly compatible with) Matlab. It interfaces well with Gnuplot. For troubleshooting tips, see this thread.


When I plug this in, it 'just works'. Which is great, except that Ubuntu uses it natively, and prevents some of the button presses from getting through to Myth. For example, I can send a button from the remote that equates to Ctrl-Alt-A (which I assume Ubuntu isn't interested in), and then trap that in Mythfrontend, but the remote's Play button is caught by Ubuntu (which displays a large circle with a line though it, as there's no media player loaded).

The Linux Realplayer is actually based on the open-source Helix player. Helix itself can be installed as a package easily (read Helix plug-in) and used instead of Realplayer. These instructions are to install the proprietary version of RealPlayer only.


OpenQRM is the GPL-licensed, free open-source community successor to the very popular network monitoring solution Qlusters. It is available as a Debian/Ubuntu package.

HOW-TO: Set up an MCE remote control in Linux

The most recent stable version runs on Kubuntu 7/10 (Gutsy). An alpha version for Kubuntu 8/10 (Intrepid) has been released, and the full version is anticipated soon. LinuxMCE can be installed at the same time as the Kubuntu OS (on a new PC with an nVidia graphics card), with a single DVD installation. Alternatively, Kubuntu can be installed first and LinuxMCE then installed from a 2 CD installation.


GPS Drive is a free navigation software package that displays your position on a zoomable map using your GPS device. It is GTK-based but can be used in Kubuntu. It uses the gpsd daemon that interfaces with a variety of GPS hardware.

Gnac (GNome Audio Converter) converts between all GStreamer supported audio formats. It is not yet part of the standard repositories. See these installation instructions.


Note: Installation only works completely and properly when done from the command-line Terminal. The entire package will not usually install completely from within a Package Manager.

It is in active development in 2008. A demo is available at the website.


A message will be displayed saying Add key 'Tools'. The lag is not the biggest problem, there is the far worse issue that my laptop overheated and shut down every time a switched on Ubuntu. For additional clarity and to help search engines the specific versions involved are: Ubuntu codenamed "Trusty Tahr", XBMC 13 codenamed "Gotham", and an Intel NUC i3 model number DWYK. WebUpd8 is an Ubuntu / Linux blog which delivers news, tips and application reviews. Because of the efforts of the community, Kodi now supports majority of devices ranging from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Raspberry pi etc. Here are the remaps I made below based on my Harmony One remote. This is how PC media players work (usually done with space. Chorus is an add-on for XBMC that lets you remotely manage, build playlists, queue up videos, organize your library, Downloads XBMC "Gotham" Improves Sharing, Settings, and Speed. Because it is so streamlined, you lose the flexibility of a full-blown distro setup.

Wiki software allows an organization to have a manual that can be edited by a number of collaborators. Wikipedia is the best known example.


This is a Chinese program and most content is hosted in China and may not be legal in your area. Please consult local regulations.

Raspberry Pi: RaspBMC and OpenELEC

Internet applications enable you to make full use of your Internet connection. Web browsers, Email clients, Instant Messengers, and more are included in this category.


Zoneminder manages surveillance cameras and stores images on the hard disk. Images can be viewed using a (LAMP) server remotely. X10 devices can be triggered using built-in perl scripts. For more info see the Zoneminder website.

I stayed very close to the default keymap included in the package, only moving one key

MediaWiki is the free, open source server software that Wikipedia uses. It is scalable to very large uses. It runs on the LAMP server stack (which uses the MySQL database and is available as an installation option with the (K)ubuntu server), or it can be used with a postgreSQL database. Installation instructions are here.


Kubuntu provides a wizard (script) to help clients (such as Kontact/Kmail) connect to a groupware server. Currently supported groupware servers are Kolab, eGroupware, SUSE Linux Openexchange, and Novell Groupwise.

The changes we have made are not yet permanent. We want the keymap to be used each time the computer starts-up. We need to edit a configuration file that is loaded at start-up.


Ubuntu Installation & Configuration

FreeNX is a remote desktop display server/client solution that natively incorporates SSH tunneling (unlike VNC). It is therefore more secure than VNC (unless VNC is coupled with SSH tunneling).

Upon initial installation and after the first reboot, you will be prompted whether to use the current proprietary nVidia drivers. If you wish to use them, follow the prompts.


Most Brother printers are auto-detected or can be installed directly from the CUPS interface. For information on a specific model, see the Linux OpenPrinting site.

Can't find keymap.xml / keyboard.xml files

Original author of BusyBox in 1995, 1996. Some of his code can still be found hiding here and there.


All the keypresses that Kodi responds to, for example "P" for "play" and "X" for "stop" are configured in a file called [HOST]ly there are two [HOST] files. I use kodi (formerly xbmc) as a home media system. The Raspberry Pi is a tiny and affordable computer that you can use to learn programming through fun, practical projects. Close the browser via CMD+Q or map it to any remote key via an external tool. Map to guest = Bad User encrypt passwords = yes passdb backend = tdbsam passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u dns proxy = no server string = %h server (Samba, Ubuntu) unix password sync = yes workgroup = WORKGROUP debug level = 1 guest account = nobody os level = 20 auto services = global syslog = 0. On my old machine, when plugging the remote I see the following in dmesg: [601899.071875] usb 1-4: New USB device. XBMC Complete installer is a Linux automated installer for XBMC on top of minimal Ubuntu install. Uploaded by MsLucia28This video will show u how to get access to the full version of Registry Easy Version 5.6. Downloads: 50 This Week Last Update: 2020-10.

If you upgrade your Ubuntu system with a fresh install, it is possible to mark the packages and services installed on your old system (prior to the upgrade) and save the settings ("markings") into a file. Then install the new version of Ubuntu and allow the system to reinstall packages and services using the settings saved in the "markings" file. For instructions, see this Ubuntu forum thread.

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OpenGroupware is a groupware solution based on the postgreSQL database. There is an enterprise version and a limited open source version, and development appears to have been stagnant in 2008. Installation must be from source, as packages are very outdated.


AppArmor is a set of security enhancements developed by Novell for SUSE Linux. It is installed in (K)ubuntu by default.

Cacti is a complete, free open source network graphing solution designed to harness the power of RRDTool’s data storage and graphing functionality. Cacti provides a fast poller, advanced graph templating, multiple data acquisition methods, and user management features out of the box. It uses MySQL and PHP (part of the LAMP server stack). All of this is wrapped in an intuitive, easy to use interface that makes sense for LAN-sized installations up to complex networks with hundreds of devices. For more info see Cacti Server Setup.


Still pulling hair out over this. The worst part is the first time I did this about a week ago, I spent about 30 minutes on it and it worked perfectly. Now I've probably spent at least 4 hours and it's still not working.

BusyBoxcombines tiny versions of many common UNIXutilities into a single small executable. It providesminimalist replacements for most of the utilities youusually find in GNU coreutils, util-linux,etc. The utilities in BusyBox generally have fewer optionsthan their full-featured GNU cousins;however, the options that are included provide the expectedfunctionality and behave very much like theirGNU counterparts.


Getting a Remote Running with Kodi under Ubuntu – use

And the long-term support releases give you five years of security patches and updates. The Ceton InfiniTV 4 a CableCARD-enabled tuner card with four CableCARD 2.0 tuners and comes in both a USB 2.0 and PCIe (x1) formfactor. Comes with a map editor "mapedit" Can make a link with GDAL for conversions. Quote: Ps the names may be the same but other attributes like Phys are different. Ensure your hardware meets the minimum requirements before upgrading. XBMC only it has no influence to OS (windowws, linux or any other) Here is link how to start script using keyboard shortcut. To install, I have grabbed the latest AMD64 packages and followed the advice in the following thread: The packages seem to install as expected and eventlircd is running. How do you find out what version of Ubuntu you are using? Qalimas: Is there a way to change Gnome's.

Unfortunatly, when booting from a normal install, you sometime get your Harddisks parameteres read in LBA, CHS or Large form, this due to the new read of the Partition tables when you changed the partition informations. If the BIOS gave in the harddisk geometry data in LBA, the system will reread the Harddisk geometry in CHS mode, thus the boot will fail.


But I guarantee that if you install one before you know how to use it that one or more networking programs on your system will stop working. Read every bit of documentation about a firewall before installing it - you won't regret the time invested.

HOW-TO: Install Kodi for Windows - Official Kodi Wiki

Then make sure you have an apache2 virtual hosts configuration file (in /etc/apache2/sites-available) that points to /var/www/mywiki as the DocumentRoot. Make a symbolic link from your virtual host configuration file in /etc/apache2/sites-available to /etc/apache2/sites-enabled to enable it. (Warning: MediaWiki is not secure at installation and can be easily hacked by new users.


Miro Player (formerly Democracy TV Player) is an open-source Internet TV and video player that allows you to watch Internet TV and videos. Unlike other video players, it contains a structured guide that includes more than 2500 channels, has built-in BitTorrent, and has features that can automatically save videos, such as from YouTube.

Install the Ubuntu desktop

Search for files and perform actions on them. First failed action stops processing of current file.


Ubuntu Screenshots and Screencasts

In order to configure TVHeadEnd, you need to carefully follow the instructions on their site. This is a multi-step process that takes some time to complete, because of the time it takes to scan all 68 possible channels, as well as following all the steps.

The above instructions work with 4/65 firmware. With the 4/95 firmware channels will not lock. This can be fixed with a couple of minor code changes/text edits and recompiling the code.


The HummingBoard allows you to run many open-source operating systems – such as Ubuntu, Debian and Arch, as well as Android and XBMC. Ask Question Asked 9 years ago. XBMC 9.04 (Atlantis) Point Release supports the following. Command line utilities for sunxi devices Packages: The linux-sunxi package repository Linux Kernel: Kernel repositories and versions Linux mainlining effort: Status of the mainline effort Mainline U-Boot: Status of the mainline U-Boot bootloader. We will use three Ubuntu 16.04 servers in this setup. A login page from microsoft appears. Kies nu openen en sla het bestandje op. Ga met de bestandsbeheerder (Nautilus) naar de map waar het bestand is opgeslagen. Due to differences between cable companies, the exact channels. XBMC was originally created to run on chipped/hacked original Xboxes, not 360s.

Just like the traditional apt-get package manager, apt-fast supports almost all apt-get functions such as install, remove, update, upgrade, dist-upgrade etc. And one more notable feature is it supports proxy too.


Provide a view of process activity in real time. Read the status of all processes from /proc each SECONDS and display a screenful of them.

The instructions include opening the box, and connecting or soldering a USB to TTL debug board to access U-boot and change some parameters. But later once an image with network is working, you could also build and load fw_setenv and fw_saveenv, and do the same steps with an Android shell and without the need to open the device.


One of which was the lack of lircd support on the recent builds. Key Features Full color customization: Take the base layout and color all the elements how you like. Is there some "ver" command. Information for older versions. The art of cheap remote controls and XBMC November 11, xbmcworkshop Leave a comment Go to comments This is a guide for setting up your remote control to work in XBMC.

If you enable CONFIG_USE_BB_PWD_GRP, BusyBox will use internal functions to directly access the /etc/passwd, /etc/group, and /etc/shadow files without using NSS. This may allow you to run your system without the need for installing any of the NSS configuration files and libraries.


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TiddlyWiki is an open source personal wiki. It is ideal for creating a list of things to do, note taking, or as a collaboration tool for a small team. It is a single HTML file that can reside on your computer or can even be uploaded to a web server and be used as a simple website. It is developed using a Firefox browser as an interface. Installation instructions are on the website.


MultiSystem is a small, Open Source freeware to create a multiboot usb drives from Linux systems. Using this utility, we can create any number of bootable Linux distributions in a USB drive.

Or you can map a remote key to activate the camera. There are release notes you can read if you want, but I suspect most people just select their language (English) and click on Continue. Over 60% of the hardware will be tied up waiting for that 0.0001% of serial code to execute. The hackers manual 2020 revised edition. Interactive maps show precipitation, clouds, pressure, wind around your location. Silent mode: This will run the script in background mode. CouchPotato is free, opensource and available on multiple platforms. Freeware 28.17 MB Download; Chris-PC RAM Booster 5.11.21 Chris-PC RAM Booster - Get more RAM power Shareware 5.26 MB Download; Tone Generator Free for Mac 2.14. Press the Play button on the remote control.


But it wouldn't be mapped correctly. I've included a list of common button names at the end of this article.

How can I adjust system volume from within XBMC? - Ask Ubuntu

Like Ubuntu Tweak, there is an another similar tool called “Ubuntu After install” available. Ubuntu After Install is a tool that can be used to install some of the best and essential software after installing the Ubuntu desktop. It has a bunch of useful applications, and will automate the installation process on a newly installed machine to get near perfect desktop. I would not say a complete desktop for all users, but a near perfect desktop. This tool saves your time and effort, and installs all latest versions of softwares by automatically adding the respective PPA’s to keep the installed softwares up to date on your Ubuntu system.


If your wireless LAN is already functioning, you probably don't have to change any settings, but double-check to make sure the schema are compatible. Configure the wireless router's settings for the nested wireless LAN. This is done by enabling the router's DHCP server functions (in "Network Setup" or some similar configuration section of the router).

It is somewhat difficult to implement and use, but conforms to strict accounting guidelines. Set up your LAMP server first, then install using the web site instructions.


N may be suffixed by k (x1024), b (x512), or m (x1024^2). If N starts with a ’+’, output begins with the Nth item from the start of each file, not from the end.

Gnash is available in a 64-bit version as well as a 32-bit version. It is the open source replacement for Adobe Flashplayer.


Moin Moin is free, open source (GPL-licensed) wiki software written using Python, with a large community of users, including the Apache, Debian, and Ubuntu wikis. See these Ubuntu (their explanation) installation instructions.

Have problems with Touchpad while typing? Why don’t you try Touchpad-indicator, which is used to disable Touchpad while typing, or while connecting an external mouse? Check the following link for more details.


Infomasi Technology Cellular Mobile Phone GSM-CDMA Mobile Phone Repair Blog Tips and tricks Download Nokia Firmware, Schematics, Service Manuals, Tutorials and Tips, Application, Themes, Ringtones, Wallpapers, Games etc. Download xbmc ubuntu, xbmc ubuntu, xbmc ubuntu download free. TV, EPG, recording schedules, interfacing with a TV tuner/PVR back-end) at all and there is currently no easy way to add the. You can skip to any part of the track right from the notification's progress bar. On Windows, it provides much more features. These expectations, as well as the applications themeselves, change. The keysyms have the advantage that they map directly to the key you expect. This PR attempts to do the same as #13290 but using OptionalsReg. Description Alsa and Pulseaudio were not available in RPi because they were never registered.

Other *buntu guides and help manuals

Seahorse is the GUI for Gnome to manage the key pairs and other options of GnuPGP. It can also manage your SSH keys. For more info see this tutorial.


There is something a bit funny about the handling of the backslash character in Windows. Last modified: 2020-05-13 20: 00: 37 UTC node [gannet]. Only useful when used for bulk mode. MythTV is a Free Open Source software digital video recorder (DVR) project distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL. Option to enable MID Moblin support at compile time on XBMC for Linux; Minimum requirement is AMD/Intel CPU with SSE support and OpenGL 1.4 GPU (graphics) XBMC for Mac is supported under Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger), Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) on x86 (Intel CPU) and PPC (PowerPC), as well as the Apple TV; XBMC for. If any XBMC fails/crashes for any reason, my girlfriend knows how to close the program and use windows media browser to find 'project [HOST]' This quick solution is not available with standalone XBMC installations, so she would have to wait for me to come and fix it. The current default for mpv is container. If so, go with this guide to connect the pcDuino to the PC. Grab latest v2 Kernel image from the pcDuino homepage. Lifehacker is the ultimate authority on optimizing every aspect of your life.

SE Linux (Security Enhanced Linux) is an NSA (US National Security Administration) recommended set of tools for enhanced security in Linux systems. It enforces strict access controls (privileges) and is meant for mission-critical installations. It is not suitable for the casual desktop user. It was first available in Hardy Heron and is being updated for Intrepid Ibex. It is not compatible with AppArmor (which must first be removed).


Both the DVB-C and DVB-T part of the tuner are supported in current kernels. As of kernel 3/2, the CI interface is now also supported and can be used to decrypt pay-TV with the use of a CAM.

Kodi Documentation: Todo List

They should all be set up to obtain DHCP-assigned dynamic IP addresses and use the same LAN subnet settings (which in the example below is LAN IP range 10/0.0/1 - 10/0.0/250 with netmask 255/255/255/0 and gateway 10/0.0/1). The host computer to be used as the gateway/DHCP server is then connected (through its own ethernet port) either to one to the ports of the switch (if used), or to a LAN port of a router (don't use the WAN port). The host computer then connects directly to the Internet (WAN) through a second port (which in the example below will be a wireless (wifi) port (wlan0)).


Feed for question ' Unable to locate package while trying to install packages with APT'

A user would run Putty to create the SSH tunnel (instead of the ssh command) and then run Krdc. Note that PuTTY security keys are not generally compatible with SSH security keys. I was not able to get PuTTY to work with Krdc.

[MX3-M] 2.4GHz Fly Air Mouse Remote Control [FIX]

Vidalia is a cross-platform Qt-based GUI for Tor. See these instructions to install it.


Using the Logitech diNovo Mini with XBMC and Ubuntu

I’ve made some changes in the XBMC keymap to better suit this keyboard. I stayed very close to the default keymap included in the package, only moving one key.

Network Manager has been redesigned for Ubuntu and now works quite well. You should not require other network managers, and, in fact, more than one network manager can cause conflicts.


Kiax is an LGPL-licensed open source IAX (Inter-Asterisk eXchange) application. It is used for making VoIP calls from an Asterisk PBX. The current version must be installed from source files. See the website for download and installation instructions, or see this Ubuntu Launchpad site.

Notes on a fresh install of XBMC for Linux on Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10

This error reporting is a very good thing but is asks a user acknowledgment every time it triggers. This is quite ennoying with a media center not supposed to provide any user input other than a remote control.


Software packages and programs are freely available for download at multiple online sites with standardized structures, called repositories. There are repositories officially sanctioned and monitored by the Kubuntu/Ubuntu developer community, while other repositories are independently provided, without official sanction or supervision (and should be used with caution). Additional information is available from the Ubuntu Repository Guide.

That tucks a ramdisk image onto the actual vmlinux kernel before compressing the whole lot, so that on loading it gets automatically retrieved and decompressed. The kernel is started using that memory image as root filesystem, and looks for an executable in there with the name init. Which can be any binary - including busybox.