Most people think of Key West, but the Florida Keys are actually a coral cay archipelago with hundreds of islands. This post will cover things to do in the Florida Keys from Key Largo to Key West. It takes over two hours to get between the two, so keep that in mind for planning! However, for anyone driving, I think it helps to have some attractions to check out on the drive down to Key West. I have broken this list up into nature, historic and active things to do in the Florida Keys, as well as events, for fun experiences any time of year or for any budget.

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Having an inferiority complex is like having recorder playing the same thing over and over in your head. Nobody is perfect that’s for sure! So many of us strive for perfection every day and yet it is difficult to quiet the voices in our head that haunt us about how inferior we are.

Another highlight of the Florida Keys is the amazing fishing you can do here. Anglers from all over visit these islands for a chance to catch Bonefish, Tarpon, Snapper and more. There are a variety of options for taking a fishing trip, from renting your own boat or taking a charter to fishing from the shore or on a pier! Islamorada is the best spot for fishing, as it is known as the Sportfishing Capital of the World, but all of the keys offer great fishing opportunities.


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One of the most unique things to do in the Florida Keys is visit the iconic Hemingway House. This is where Ernest Hemingway resided in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. Most notable is that he owned a six toed cat while he was here and now the house is home to many of its descendants that lounge around the property. The tour guides here has all sorts of interesting stories and you can learn a lot about the Keys and Hemingway while visiting this attraction.

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Unless you fly into Key West and only stay on that island, you definitely need to rent a car. This is the only way to experience more than just one of the Florida Keys.

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While working out at the light, Browne read every law book he could get his hands on. When his tour of service at the light was completed, that reading paid dividends in law school as he passed the bar in both Iowa, where he attended school, and Florida. Browne went on to become the attorney for Key West and Monroe County before serving as the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court.


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A favorite thing to do across all Florida Keys is to watch the sunset go down. The views are frequently magnificent and though you can see them anywhere, there are also some unique ways to enjoy it. The most famous spot to watch the sunset is Mallory Square, where every one on Key West celebrates the sunset, often with performances and music. Another popular way is on a boat and you can book sunset sails, ecotours and yachts from all the main islands. Other favorite happy hour locations include Snook’s Bayside on Key Largo, The Island Fish Company on Marathon and Lorelai Cabana on Islamorada. Wherever you are when the sun goes down, it’s worth a watch!


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You may not have an accurate opinion of yourself, but a good friend could list your strengths. I like to pick their brain and ask for examples. It’s hard to believe someone sometimes so really delving into the nitty gritty is very helpful.

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Brad Bertelli is a published author of four books on Florida and Florida Keys history. His column will appear bi-weekly in The Reporter. Reach Brad with comments and questions at [email protected]


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You can let go of your inferiority complex now with real strategies that will help you breathe a sigh of relief as well as a new level of confidence and freedom. Now, let’s continue the conversation and leave your comments below.

Jefferson Beale Browne was born in June, 1857 and while he is not generally associated with the Upper Keys, his name does pop up from time to time. For instance, just out of high school Browne accepted the job of assistant light keeper out at Fowey Rocks Lighthouse. The lighthouse marks the northern end of the reef line and stands between Elliot Key and Key Biscayne.


Midnight fireworks also are on the menu at the Morada Bay Beach Cafe at mile marker 81/6 bayside, which is to host a large beach party with live music, a beach barbecue, cocktails and performers, all culminating in a dazzling display of fireworks. Visit moradabay.com/full-moon-party/.

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About the author: Life Coach and Strategic Interventionist, Sharon Koenig is an author, entrepreneur and champion athlete. She has overcome adversity and now empowers and coaches others to move beyond their fears and limitations to reach their fullest potential in life and business. As a gift to you, she is sharing her “Success Toolkit” for FREE!

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Strategies to Help You Let Go of Your Inferiority Complex

Feeling inferior is nothing new in our world. There is always someone whom is doing better than us. I bet you’re doing better in some way than someone else, aren’t you? Never allow your inferiority to someone get in your way to achieving success. Instead use it as a tool to drive yourself to be better and go out in the world and get what it is you want.


I said simple but I didn’t say it would be easy. The first component is DECISION and the second is INTENTION. When you put these two things together, it’s like TNT! You must decide right here and right now that you will stop the negative talk. You need to have a greater intention to banish your inferiority complex forever! This is just a start though, you’ll need more ammunition So let’s get to it.

Here are my recommendations for active things to do in the Florida Keys

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We go through our day thinking that everyone knows our shortcomings; this is how inferiority becomes rooted in our minds. Most people in your circle don’t know that you’re a bit messy and more than likely they’re so wrapped up in their own flaws to even give yours a consideration. The truth is that most people aren’t thinking about you at all.

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Though there are plenty of fish in the see, you can get a chance to view them up close at the Key West Aquarium. Kids love this place, especially the touch tank, and adults can have a lot of fun too. Here you can see Sharks, Alligators, Tropical Fish and Stingrays and learn about their ecosystems. In the touch tank, you can touch and even hold conch, sea stars, slate pencil urchins, and horseshoe crabs! It’s the best way to experience with marine life without having to put on a bathing suit.


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For a beach vacation, I don’t recommend staying on Key West. The other islands have less crowded and cleaner beaches, as Key West is more about the local experience.

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For an out of this world street festival, Floridians flock to Key West every October for Fantasy Fest. For ten whole days, Key West is transformed into a big block part complete with parades and parties. Attendees also wear crazy costumes and it’s the chance to truly let your freak flag fly!

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Another Key West festival to check out is the Key Lime Festival, held every year around the Fourth of July. During this event, there are culinary events throughout the island celebrating this tart fruit. Whether you like pies or cocktails, there are lots of delicious ways to enjoy this event.

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Next time you’re talking to your friends or family, notice how they are always complaining about something in their life. It’s not your flaws that is the topic of conversation. You’re much freer than you realize.


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If you are going in the ocean, use sunscreen without oxybenzone. Sunscreens that contain this ingredient can be harmful to sea life.