The other type of EMP attack involves a non-nuclear weapon. These devices use non-nuclear methods to achieve the discharge of a tremendous amount of electromagnetic energy, typically with the use of components like a capacitor bank and microwave generator.

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In any case, the fact is that while it’s possible for an EMP to damage the electronics in a car or truck, there are no vitally important electronics to damage in older vehicles. That's where the old adage of "better safe than sorry" comes into play.

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According to this logic, older vehicles that don't make use of complex onboard electronics systems should be safe from an EMP attack. However, the small amount of real-world testing that has actually been done doesn't necessarily line up with these very reasonable assumptions.


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Would Your Car Survive an EMP Attack

Another factor that may help protect the electronics in a car is that the metal body of the vehicle can act as a partial Faraday cage. This is why you can survive your vehicle being struck by lightning, and it’s also why car radio antennas are located outside, rather than inside, the vehicle. Of course, your car isn’t a perfect Faraday cage, or you wouldn’t be able to make and receive cell phone calls.

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There are a few possible reasons why the electronics in our cars may be a little bit more robust than we give them credit for. The first is that the electronics in cars and trucks are already somewhat shielded, and they also tend to be a little more robust than most consumer electronics due to the harsh conditions they are subjected to while on the road.